Charitable Trust

ANZAC_Day_79.JPGIn 2016 Vanguard opened its Charitable Trust which is run by four independent trust members and is completely separate from the school and the school’s advisory board. This has been set up to support our students by assisting with higher education, help current recruits who, for whatever reason, may require financial assistance to overcome barriers that are restricting them from succeeding and provide benefits for the recruits, that would usually require them or their families to pay the costs for. E.g. NCEA exam fees.


Bank account details are below if you would like to make a donation. We would appreciate any support no matter how small. It may just provide a shirt for a recruit who can’t afford one.

As it is a donation, once you have donated, please email with your details and once they match up your name with the bank statement from the charitable trust, they will send you a receipt of your donation for tax purposes.

Charitable Trust account number: 03-0419-0008642-000