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IMG_3138.JPGAll recruits looking to enrol at Vanguard Military School need to submit an online application and attend a compulsory Orientation Evening with a parent or caregiver.

This is to gain an understanding of the school and its requirements, courses on offer, the Vanguard Military School’s educational system, rules and regulations and what our expectations are for every recruit.

To attend an Orientation Evening you will need to make a booking, as the school can only cater for a limited number of enrolments at one time.  To book go to the “Enrolment” page on this website and fill out the form. 

Once the form has been submitted an email will be sent to you with a link to the booking website for Orientation Evenings.

At the Orientation Evening you will be advised of the school curriculum, meet the staff, learn about the rules and regulations and how the school is run. Each Orientation Evening involves a basic numeracy and literacy test and a multi stage fitness test. These assessments have no influence on enrolment, but are designed to assist with identifying any possible barriers to learning, class placements and any special needs that might exist.

Each recruit will also have a formal interview with a member of staff. This will give us a clear indication of anything the recruits are struggling with, need extra attention with, what their goals are and what they want to achieve at Vanguard.

The Orientation Evening should take around 2 hours to complete and is compulsory for all applicants. Every recruit will need to bring a minimum of one parent/caregiver to the evening as it is important you both receive the information. At the end of the Orientation Evening you should have a clear understanding of the school. Before leaving, you will be given a full enrolment pack. This pack includes our policies/procedures, option choices and recruit information. This pack will need to be returned to the school by the date specified. Please note if the forms are not completed and returned in time with all required consents and sureties, we will not be able to process your application.

Enrolment at Vanguard Military School is restricted by numbers and option choices at all levels and if applications exceed our maximum number, a ballot will be held to identify selected recruits. Everyone that enrolled will be notified of the outcome.


  1. Recruit sign in                                    ANZAC_Day_79.JPG

  2. Information seminar

  3. Academic testing

  4. Recruit interview

  5. Fitness testing

  6. Enrolment pack

PLEASE BRING (Mandatory)

  • A change of clothes for the fitness test (including footwear appropriate to run in)

  • At least 1 parent/caregiver


Smart casual for all prospective recruits wishing to enroll. There are standards associated with Vanguard Military School. If you are applying to enroll, you will need to dress as if you were going to a job interview.

Please do not turn up wearing a beanie, hoody or singlet. You will have time to change for the fitness test and to participate you will need shorts, a t-shirt and running shoes.