ANZAC_Day_57.JPGVanguard Military School takes great pride in marching in the Browns Bay ANZAC Day Parade every year. This is often the first opportunity of the year for students to demonstrate the Vanguard values to their families, friends and the community. Every year the students have performed with excellence and made everyone around them immensely proud. This is a tradition Vanguard will uphold for many years to come.

See the video below to take a look into what ANZAC Day involves for Vanguard Military School.


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Challenge Cup

Challenge_Cup_105.JPGEvery year Vanguard Military School holds a daylong Challenge Cup competition. This involves every section in the school battling it out in physical, mental, food and academic challenges. Each year the students finish this event wet, muddy and exhausted but with nothing but pride in themselves and their sections for the limits they’ve pushed themselves to.



Vanguard Challenge Cup History:                

2014: Hulme Section, IC: William Reber

2015: Laurent Section, IC: Hope Matatia

2016: Trent Section, IC: Don Mokoroa

2017: Elliott Section, IC: Don Mokoroa

2018: Hulme Section, IC: Elijah Holmes

2019: Bassett Section, IC: Pearl Wilson

School Camp



In 2015 Vanguard held its first school camp in Matakana for three days. The camp included early morning starts, grueling tramps, physical training sessions and assessments. The camp was very well run and the students were impeccably behaved. Vanguard looks forward to hosting more camps for our students!


Intersection Competition

Intersection_competition.jpgAt the start of each year all of our students are put into sections named after New Zealand Victoria Cross recipients. Throughout the course of the year the sections compete against each other for points, ending in a section winning the Intersection Competition Trophy at the end-of-year graduation ceremony. The students compete for points which can be awarded for academic achievement, attendance, good behaviour and in a different challenge every Friday afternoon.


Intersection Competition history:

2014: Elliott section

2015: Hinton section

2016: Hinton section

2017: Laurant section

2018: Trigg section

Sports Teams

Rugby_5.jpgVanguard has had students represent the school in various sports over the years. The Vanguard school teams have included male and female basketball teams and a rugby 7’s team.

Vanguard has also had students compete in various other sports teams including East Coast Bays women’s rugby, cross country events, North Harbour Representatives for women’s rugby 7’s, marathon swims and various other sports throughout the year.